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Traffic Violations

Home of the $75 ticket - For the cost of $75.00 (not including court costs), we can dispose of minor speeding tickets without you having to do more than lift a finger.  Our office has handled numerous traffic matters over the years.  We are experienced in assessing each client's needs, then developing and executing a strategy to accomplish those needs.


Why go through the hassle of missing work, finding parking and waiting for your name to be called.  Hire an experienced Attorney to handle your matter for you for an affordable price.  


Driving on a suspended license?  Don't know why your license is suspended?  Don't know how get your license back?  We are also experienced in license restoration.  Our Attorneys have assisted numerous clients with obtaining there license.  Clients who have not had a license in over 10 years have been able to obtain their license through our services.  Don't hesitate to contact us to schedule an appointment.  


We are also experienced in handling DWI's and other serious driving charges.  


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Home of the $75 ticket